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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010: Heat Three

My thoughts on the songs/performances/etc:

Oh no, it's not good when the video stream starts out bad. What is going on? I mean, why even offer the service if it's not going to work?

Oh well, it's back on now. The only question is... how long will it last?

What the heck, by the way, was that "commercial" thing Måns was doing?

Alcazar: Somehow their songs always get better when watching them live. The vocals struggled just a little bit, but I loved the staging and the song's quite good as well. An easy qualifier, and one of my favorites so far this year.

Johannes Bah Kuhnke: I liked the anthematic quality of this, but the vocals didn't live up to the song. I bet the studio version's great, though.

Elin Lanto: Wow, she sounded GREAT. I actually loved everything about this. Maybe the girls have a chance this year after all.

Erik Linder: I feel like this melody has been stolen from another song, at least during the verses. To me this was boring as hell, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets to andra chansen. Trotting out the background singers at the end was a wise move.

Getty Domein: I could be in the minority here, but I really like this. Something about it feels very refreshing. It's probably not catchy enough to make a dent in the competition, but I enjoyed the strangeness of it all, even though his voice did kind of grate after awhile.

Timoteij: This was one of the most cheesy-bad performances I've seen in awhile. The whole instrument thing was weird, especially at the beginning, as were the various facial expressions. The accordion was probably the most ridiculous part. On second thought... strike that, it was the flute.

Darin: It started out a little rocky but improved quite a bit after the first chorus. I love the melody and especially the instrumentation, but the lyrics are still really, really bad. Still, it's probably my favorite ballad so far this year.

Crucified Barbara: I feel like this was a missed opportunity. The vocals were great, but I didn't love the song as much. Still, depending on voters' tastes this week, this could find its way into the top five or even knock out Erik or Elin. It sounds like something that would do really well in Finland. And the fire was cool.

My hopes to make it through: Alcazar, Elin, Getty, Darin
Who will make it through: Alcazar, Elin, Erik, Darin (with Crucified Barbara in the top 5)

UPDATE: Top 5 - Crucified Barbara, Timoteij, Alcazar, Darin & Erik. WHY THE HELL WASN'T ELIN IN THE TOP 5?!?! And Timoteij are the highest vote getters? I've completely lost faith in the Swedish voting public this week. They were probably my second least favorite act today behind Erik, who better get knocked out the next round of voting.

UPDATE: My new prediction - Darin to final, Crucified Barbara & Alcazar to second chance.

UPDATE: Wow, Blue Man Group were kinda awesome. Maybe they should go direct to Globen?

UPDATE: Crucified Barbara and Alcazar to andra chansen and Darin to the final. Can't say I'm 100% excited about these results, but at least Erik's out.



Blogger Tyron Wilson said...

I sympathise that Elin really should've gone AC at least, but Timoteij were fantastic! I have a feeling that, if they translate it into English, we could be going back to Stockholm next year...I get the same vibe from it that I got from Fairytale!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Jump! said...

This year Melodifestivalen has surprised and frustrated with every heat. I think there is a serious disconnect between the Melodifestivalen song selection and the voting public. On one hand who ever decides the final 32 songs tries to really put a lot of musical variety in the competition and then you have the voting public which chooses the typical cheese schlager Melodifestivalen in known for. And even with that the public tend to vote performers- not songs.

In this Heat I though Darin's song was cringe-worthy with those awful lyrics. CRucified Barbara are a terrible throwback to the days of vixen with an awful power ballad.

No offense to Alcazar but they really have become just a Melodifestivalen house band- they perform every year- turn in a pedestrian performance and get either to the final or second chance with songs that sound the same. Its kinda like Stock Aitken Waterman during their decline- no excitement or energy- just the formula pumped out again and again..and again.

Not looking forward to the final as there really isn't much to look forward to.

2:29 PM  

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