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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Protocol - Rules Of Engagement

Remember Protocol? They were a fantastic UK synth-rock band who released two great singles in 2005/2006 (Where's the Pleasure & She Waits For Me) and nearly a third (Love Is My Drug). Then the album was scrapped and they disappeared. I've posted about them a few times before on this blog and have longed to hear their unreleased material.

Well, I long no more. The guys have kindly uploaded their album, along with all b-sides, remixes and acoustic sessions for free download. I think it's absolutely awesome for them to do this. Some of my favorite albums of the past few years have remained unreleased, and although I wish these guys could have had the success they deserved, I'm hoping they'll find a new audience through this release.

(not sure if the tracklist they have up on the site is the true one. I doubt that the demo-sounding version of Beautiful Girlfriend is really the first track. In my collection I keep that a b-side and have the following tracklist, but of course it's entirely up to you! 1. She Waits For Me 2. Love Is My Drug 3. Headaches Heartbreaks 4. Where's The Pleasure 5. Burning Up 6. Needed 7. Don't Make Me Jealous 8. Those Things I Do 9. Cover You Over 10. We Both Hurt The Same)

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Anonymous Sam said...

Close Nick, Beautiful Girlfriend was actually to be track 5. The running order on the Polydor CDR I managed to get some time ago is:

1 - Love Is My Drug
2 - She Waits For Me
3 - Where's The Pleasure
4 - Burning Up
5 - Beautiul Girlfriend
6 - Needed
7 - Headaches Heartbreaks
8 - Don't Make Me Jealous
9 - Those Things You Do
10- Cover You Over
11- We Both Hurt The Same

By the way there are two extra acoustic tracks that seem to be missing from the site. If my memories is correct, it's 'Deborah' and 'Needed'. Let me know if you want them?

Also, did you know John and David went on to form 'The Sound and the Fury' who had a few tracks up on Myspace for a while, and are now 'The Bang Bang Club' who released a single in August called 'Chemistry'.

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