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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surferosa - Monster Bitch

"Monsters coming and they're gonna rip your heart"

Apparently, I'm not going to leave Norway this week! Yet another track from the country today...this time a b-side I never knew existed from one of my favorite bands. Exciting! Surferosa released this as part of the album Grusomme L├ąter, which is a soundtrack for the animated movie Kurt Blir Grusom (Kurt Turns Evil) about a forklift operator that "turns vicious" (!). The song itself has a horror-movie influence to it, with dark, dramatic strings added to the already frenetic Surferosa sound. As usual with these guys, attitude and energy trump deep, soul-searching lyrics, but who cares? It's fun stuff. This is one of those bands that can really do no wrong in my mind, though they're criminally under-appreciated outside of Scandinavia (and Norway, specifically). I haven't heard any news about upcoming releases, but they've been remarkably consistent since their debut album, so I'm hoping there's more to come.

Surferosa - Monster Bitch by alienhits

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I love this song.

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