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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casablanca (ft. Malena Ernman) - La Voix

"I'm forever yours"

This will probably be my last Melodifestivalen-related post of the year, and it's fitting to send 2010's competition off with a rendition of last year's winner. Casablanca and Malena Ernman brought the house down last Saturday when they performed this duet version of La Voix. "Popera" turned into hair metal shouldn't work, but everything connects here. Having Malena join in at the end is icing on the cake. I'm already a big fan of Casablanca (mostly because they're composed of members of Melody Club and Sahara Hotnights, but for musical reasons, too), though I was kind of apprehensive about their sound melding with opera. They've converted the chorus to English but don't change a whole lot else melodically. And as an added bonus, lead singer Anders Ljung can perform. By the way, Casablanca's debut album comes out next month, or so I hear.

Casablanca (ft. Malena Ernman) - La Voix  by  alienhits

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Anonymous hallor said...

Not too impressed I'm afraid :/ can be because I was deeply in love with Anders' former project Space Age Baby Jane, and Casablanca really is nothing like it...

10:57 AM  
Anonymous crazyescfan said...

as I had said on my Eurovision related blog, this must have been the best moment in Melodifestivalen 2010.

8:34 AM  

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