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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Erik Hassle - Standing Where You Left Me

"Man, you really hit me hard"

Much has already been said on this blog and others about the brilliant Swedish artist Erik Hassle. He's currently involved in a frustratingly stalling attempt to break through around the world. His excellent first single, Hurtful, is already a hit around Europe, and should be everywhere. His debut was just released in the UK, including a new (ie: crappier) cover and tracklist. Most of the songs remain intact, with a pair of new ones tacked on (not counting the deluxe version, which includes even more new tracks). One of the newbies is Standing Where You Left Me, which displays quite nicely the blending of genres that makes his album such a pleasant surprise. The synths that open this are gorgeous and the chorus has a thrust to it that, complemented by his vocals, is pure perfection. I love this guy, and I'm continually annoyed with the international handling of him. But this track is certainly a nice treat to come out of the reissue.

Erik Hassle - Standing Where You Left Me by alienhits

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Blogger Sylwia said...

hello my name is Sylwia I am from Poland and I love music of Erik Hassle!!!

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