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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hoffmaestro & Chraa - Ibracadabra

"Everybody gather 'round"

This is not the type of music I normally post, but I've grown to really love this song. I listen to a lot of Swedish radio (big surprise, I'm sure), and this has been a staple on the airwaves for many months now. I wasn't an initial fan, but the uniqueness of it has grown on me quite a bit. I think that this is what all of the "hip-hop" entries in MF this year have been attempting to duplicate. The sound is HUGE. It begins with some crowd noises and horns (but of course!) and then jumps into a gigantic, festive hook with some great Eastern European and Mexican influences. It's a party song, for sure, with all of the banal "party" lyrics. But it more than succeeds in boosting the energy. In fact, I bet this sounds awesome in a club, really loud. It's not the straight-up pop/rock I usually go for, but every once and awhile it's nice to listen to something a little different.

Hoffmaestro (ft. Chraa) - Ibracadabra  by  alienhits

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