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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel (ft. SaintSaviour)

"I came to ask for a second chance"

I heard this for the first time in an HMV a few days ago and was instantly taken. I admit I'm behind the curb, as this has been out since late last year, but Groove Armada aren't really one of my go-to bands. Producer/DJ acts in general don't usually do it for me. There's always something a little distant about their music. In this case, it's down to the lush vocals of SaintSaviour and the gorgeous 80's melody of I Won't Kneel to convert me. There was a band a couple years ago that I absolutely adored, but they never went anywhere. They were called Hotel Motel, and this reminds me what they'd sound like given expensive production and a thrust into the mainstream. The chorus here is sublimely beautiful... the kind of thing that conjures summer nights on the beach, lying in the retreating sun. It's got a shimmering, almost dreamlike quality to it that sounds about as far from a "dance act" as you could get. It's definitely a keeper.

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel (ft. SaintSaviour) by milproj2

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