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Friday, May 07, 2010

Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive

"We can keep the spirits safe from harm"

There are so many of these new synth-pop bands coming out right now. I don't like writing about what every other blog writes about (what would be the point, right?), but I'm often loving these "it" bands as well. Monarchy's taken me awhile to get around to, and it'll probably take an entire album for me to really appreciate them, but they're definitely on my radar. The Phoenix Alive is the big single right now, and although I'm doubting it will be their big breakthrough, it's a very nice slice of icy electropop. The song kinda sails along indifferently until it hits the chorus, which really makes it worth noting. It actually reminds me a lot of an Annie song (Anthonio, in particular). It's got that same sort of coolness to it that could easily be off-putting but ends up winning me over after repeated listens.

Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive by alienhits

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