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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ola Joyce - Old Fashioned Heartbreak

"Your heart was to be broken the old fashioned way"

Surprisingly, I've been one of the only bloggers to write about the fantastic Ola Joyce. He's one of those artists that I feel very confident about, success-wise. He's going to quietly sneak up and take Sweden by storm. After that, who knows? Despite this, in my opinion the album's about half-brilliant, half-forgettable. But... when he's firing on all pistons, he's got an innate talent for a classic pop song. Old Fashioned Heartbreak is one of the album's triumphs: a zippy, hand clap infused soul-pop ditty. I loved it (and could sing it back) instantly. Always a good sign. It's like one long hook, continually repeated. This could get stale (or grating), but Joyce's lyrics and the jauntiness of the music guarantees that it never gets old. It's in simplicity of the melody that the best pop songs are created. In that way I guess this is a bit old-fashioned. No problem there.

Ola Joyce - Old Fashioned Heartbreak by milproj

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

Of course I love this - you totally introduced me to Ola, and I will be writing about his album this week. I think I'm more fond of it than you are :)

11:49 PM  

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