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Monday, June 21, 2010

Example - Last Ones Standing

"We'll catch the very last train"

This track kicks off with a bang, the kind of punch in the gut that instantly gets you listening. Thankfully, the song's more than that stabbing 80's riff (even though said riff is technically the highlight). I've loved Example's latest singles. Each has been a potent mixture of grimy hip-hop and catchy pop hooks, and the best songs on his new album follow suit. There are a handful of them, brought down slightly by a second handful of clunkers. Lucky for us, the highlights are very high... and Last Ones Standing is certainly a highlight. There's more melody here than on most of the album's tracks, and the entire thing has a big, anthemic sound (fitting, given the title). It's a sure-fire hit, really, and as good as Kickstarts is, I think it would have made a better follow-up to Won't Go Quietly.

Example - Last Ones Standing by alienhits

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