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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kevin Rudolf - I Belong To You (Lany)

"I'll follow you to the end of the road"

Kevin Rudolf is inches away from being a bonafide pop star. Unfortunately, he (or his label) insists on catering to the masses and chucking a few weak Lil' Wayne (or other hip-hop) collaborations on his albums. Luckily, his new release focuses more on the pop end of things, and when it does it's really fantastic stuff. Rudolf has a unique sound. There's a bit of 80's in the electronic elements, but it's mixed with aggressive guitar that gives his music a huge, layered sheen. This track (the "Lany" in the title refers to Los Angeles and New York), is one of a trio of blazing pop songs that make up the core of the album. And while I'd pick the Flo-Rida (groan...) collabo You Make the Rain Fall for single number two (the hook is insanely catchy), I prefer the more classic sound of this one. It's straightforward, but straightforward's okay if the melody and beat are this good. If you've never given Kevin's music a chance, check this out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Kevin Rudolf - I Belong To You (Lany) by alienhits

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Blogger J Wright said...

Definitely agree with the article. This song definitely needs to be on the charts because it's THAT HOT!!

Kevin Rudolf is a beast!

10:36 AM  

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