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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mike Posner - You Don't Have To Leave

"I'll be in the sky, somewhere far away"

I reviewed Mike Posner's fantastic single yesterday in Pop Blitz, and it's one of my tips for the Summer. The song's gonna be huge, and rightfully so. In addition to the single, Posner's released two free albums of demos, remixes and teasers. The quality ranges from forgettable to kind of brilliant, with this track being the latter. Posner seems torn between a dance sound and a more predictable hip-hop sound. Either way, it's his vocals that really stand out. They remind me of some of my favorite Scandinavian singers (Erik Hassle, Thomas Troelsen, etc), which is a rare thing to find in the States. You Don't Have To Leave was produced by Australia's Miami Horror. It's a perfect, and somewhat surprising, combination. I would love it if he worked with dance producers like this for the album. We don't have a male pop singer like that in America, who straddles genres and doesn't automatically succumb to trends. But if this is just a one-off, it's at least a great one-off.

Mike Posner - You Don't Have to Leave by alienhits

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Anonymous Mike said...

I've heard of Thomas Troelsen too! Cool of you to mention about Scandanavian singers! I loved watching Posner's video interview too. Interview:

2:19 PM  

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