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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sia - Bring Night

"Chase your shadow 'til the sun goes down"

I had very little interest in Sia when she released her first album of downtempo pop. But now that she's reinvented herself as a dance/funk diva, I'm all in. Her new album's a great summer listen, especially the first half. It's similar in sound to both Noisettes' and Gossip's most recent albums. Like those artists, Sia's got a terrific, soulful voice and combines elements of rock, funk and electronica to create a polished, yet earthy, mix. Bring Night is one of the album's highlights, with deliriously catchy chanted verses and a surging, explosive chorus. It's all wrapped up in under three minutes. Gotta love a taut pop song. No filler. I'd recommend checking out her cover of Madonna's Oh Father as well (the album's last track). I've always loved that song. Kudos to Sia for not picking an obvious cover.

Sia - Bring Night by alienhits

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