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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira - Run Away

"Let me breathe, let me leave"

My god, don't they look happy? Scary happy.
Consider this my (very late) Eurovision post. I watched the competition on Sunday and, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the overall quality was better than last year, and there were definitely plenty of wtf acts to laugh at (singing to a giant apricot pit? Really, Armenia??). I thought Denmark deserved to win with their Police-aping 80's power ballad (and might have if the voting rules hadn't changed). I also liked Greece, Iceland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Albania. Another highlight for me, and one that didn't get a lot of love, was Moldova's over-the-top neon-colored entry. The saxophone player was absolutely ridiculous, but the two singers had nice live voices and the song was the first real uptempo dance tune of the evening. Like many other entries of the night, it featured some prominent fiddling (in light of last year's winner, for sure), but the saxophone is really what differentiates this from the anonymous club song it could have been. It got kind of lost in the shuffle, but they were one of the few acts that I found myself investigating after the competition was over. Total over-the-top cheese, for sure. But what else do you expect in a Eurovision post?

Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira - Run Away by alienhits

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Anonymous ArkArmy said...

I absolutely loved Denmark's song and was also hoping it would win. Being from Germany, of course I had to root for Lena. At least Denmark came in 4th place.

My other top picks were Moldova, Greece,Turkey, Albania, Iceland and Romania.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Myfizzypop said...

Ha, loving this. Obviously the UK did hideously :/ Strangely delighted that Denmark did so well and lovely Eric announced the Scandanavian results! Hurrah!

1:27 AM  

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