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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Alexander Rybak - Why Not Me

"Kathy, why not me?"

Unless you're willing to wade through some serious schmaltz (and some very... interesting lyrics), I don't recommend Alexander Rybak's new album. There's certainly nothing as strong as Fairytale, nor is the overall quality up to that of his debut. But, there is one standout worth noting. Why Not Me is an interesting rock/pop song, partly because it's so straight forward. There's no mention of magic dolphins or drowning horses or any of the other odd stuff he usually sings about. Instead, we get a slightly 80's sounding rocker with (gasp!) a synthy violin riff following the chorus. It stands out from the rest of the album's tracks like crazy, and I think it's the direction he needs to keep heading if he hopes to continue finding success. Less of the awkward tributes to fan mail (5000 Letters) and comeback singles that sound like they're about pedophilia (Oah), please!

Alexander Rybak - Why Not Me by alienhits

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Blogger Poster Girl said...

Nick, not only is your commentary spot-on, there were two laugh-out-loud moments here: the straight-faced delivery of "There's no mention of magic dolphins or drowning horses" and "Less of the awkward tributes to fan mail (5000 Letters) and comeback singles that sound like they're about pedophilia (Oah), please!" both got me.

I know Alexander has always been kind of strange, but what on Earth were his handlers thinking with that comeback single? How could anyone who is supposedly a responsible, conscientious adult let that happen?

12:35 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thing is, I actually like both the magic dolphin and drowning horse songs! They're just weird enough, and more importantly, they're interesting. This new album is weird in the wrong way and, even worse, plain boring.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Poster Girl said...

No, I agree (about the crazy subjects)! They're much better songs than those from this new album, at least based on clips of it.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Moa said...

I don't know, I am having a hard time liking any of these songs. This sounds like some Blink 182-Bowling For Soup-whatever late 90's early 00s rock song. This is nothing we haven't heard before, in fact, there are a million songs out there just like that one. I thought this was boring, but then again, I've never bothered venturing into the musical wonderland that is (supposedly) Alexander Rybak, so I wouldn't know what to compare this to even if I tried. Maybe this is a masterpiece compared to the weird paedosongs?

4:38 AM  

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