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Friday, July 09, 2010

Goldhawks - Where In The World

"Looking back on the world going up in flames"

Say the word "anthem," and I'm there. It's all about the chorus, and the build up to the chorus. I love those lighters-in-the-air type of songs, though I'm not really one to put said lighter in the air (it's a little cheesy, right?). London's Goldhawks are proud anthem-performers, and though I can't see myself listening to a full album, this single's pretty rousing. It's very 80's U2, which is a tricky sound to ape because it's already been mastered by so many others. The opening verse, quiet but hinting at something bigger, is the best part. As I said, it's the build up that gets me in these types of songs. In fact, I wish that they'd cut out the guitar altogether and stick with the fantastic piano throughout. But I guess it'd be a Keane song, then. If this doesn't hit you the first time, give it a few more listens. It wasn't entirely instant for me, but I'm loving it now.

Goldhawks - Where In The World by alienhits

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