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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pop Blitz 7/16/10

Fefe Dobson - Ghost This sounds A LOT like the Veronicas and not much at all like Dobson's older stuff. It's more synth-heavy. I just wish it was a little less forgettable. Still think she's a dynamic performer, though. B-

McFly - Party Girl
Or, "McFly goes Gaga." They get points for trying something completely different, but they should have bypassed current trends (could this sound more '09-10?) and gone for a more classic dance sound. But it's somewhat promising. B

Swedish House Mafia (ft. Pharrell) - One
Great beat, massive sound, but will it be remembered this time next year? Doubt it. Though as far as club/dance songs go, I like this a lot more than I would have thought. B+

Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again
As much as I hate to admit it, I was totally won over by OMG (though it took me two months). This just sounds like Taio Cruz. It's a good thing, and a step up from the usual Usher single, but I see it getting irritating fast. Then again, maybe it'll win me over, too. B-

JLS - The Club Is Alive
Wow, I actually dislike this quite a bit. It's so unimaginative and ticks all the current musical trends in the most boring way possible. I liked some of their earlier songs, but this is nearly unbearable. So dull. D+

Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak AmericanoThese novelty European dance hits just keep getting stranger and stranger. But even though I'm not a fan of the old-timey samples over modern beats thing, this is a better example of the genre than most. B

Professor Green (ft. Lily Allen) - Just Be Good To Green
Even Lily can't save this one. I really hate this Professor Green character. He's got one of the most irritating voices on pop radio. This is something I'd actively avoid, and if it wasn't for the Lily parts it would be an easy F. As it is, it's a solid D

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

well you've probably summed up better than anyone so far my feelings to the new McFly song. But at least it's better than JLS...

12:19 PM  

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