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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amy Meredith - Late Nights

"We used to think we'd save the world"

It seems that I've been following Amy Meredith for years now, nearly since the inception of this blog. That being said, they've never quite graduated to that must-listen status for me. I find a lot of their stuff a little too anonymous, the same kind of Killers-lite music made by thousands of indie bands around the planet. Late Nights is one of the tracks that vaults above anonymity, even as it revels in its inspirations (best of all? The Tears For Fears "na na nana na" towards the end). It's heavier on the synth and disco than most of their songs, which may explain why it's one of my favs. These guys are hitting it big in their native Australia, and I'm confident that this, if picked as a single, would only cement that. I like it better than any of their singles so far, that's for sure.

Amy Meredith - Late Nights by alienhits

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