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Monday, August 09, 2010

MNDR - Fade To Black

"Afraid to act, we fade to black"

Still obsessed with that Bang Bang Bang song over here, which led me to investigate MNDR, the American singer/artist that features prominently on the track. It turns out that MNDR (aka: Amanda Warner) has self-released an exciting EP of quirky electronica that's from the Santigold school of pop. Fade To Black is one of the poppier tracks, with a big chorus and a healthy dose of funk. The whole EP definitely has a DIY feel, but there's enough there to suggest that when she inks a big deal and works with some experienced producers, the sky's the limit. She totally owns the Mark Ronson video, and in an era of Lady Gagas, she's got more than enough charisma and style to stand out.

MNDR - Fade To Black by alienhits

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