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Friday, August 13, 2010

Track-by-Track: Mike Posner - 31 Minutes to Takeoff

Mike Posner's debut album is pretty interchangeable with every other current album of this genre. He fits in with the Taio Cruz's and Jason Derulo's well, so in lieu of any artistic groundbreaking, 31 Minutes becomes a case of which songs are worth hearing and which are not.

1. 31 Minutes to Takeoff - This short intro is the kind of track that I wish would have exploded into a full-blown song. The synths are beautiful. It's a shame that it doesn't segue very well into the first song.

2. Please Don't Go - A very pleasant uptempo radio number with a catchy bridge and hyper-repetitive chorus. It's set to be the second single and is a very good choice in that regard. 9/10

3. Bow Chicka Wow Wow - This actually isn't as bad as the title would suggest. The melody's a lot better than the lyrics and I like the cheesy guitar after the first chorus. Other than that, it's a skipper. 5/10

4. Cooler Than Me - One of this summer's most addictive hits. It's far and away what this album will be remembered for. The lyrics and electro pulse exhibited here was what I was hoping to find more of on the album as a whole. 10/10

5. Deja Vu - This is pretty straightforward pop/r&b, but it works better than a lot of the other tracks thanks to an infectious, uptempo melody and an old school sensibility (love the background vocals). 7/10

6. Do You Wanna? - Continues with the old-school feeling thanks to some live brass and a big hook (the best part of the song by far). Not as successful as the last track, though. 6/10

7. Cheated - A more Taio Cruz-esque uptempo, electro number, though the melody (and mean-spirited lyrics) make this a definite skipper. 5/10

8. Gone In September - A gentle, shuffling acoustic ballad. It's all a little Jason Mraz, but Posner's delivery saves it (as does the pleasant, Summery chorus - though it's go a bit of a bite). 7/10

9. Save Your Goodbye - This atmospheric ballad may just have the most staying power of anything on the album. The "hello's" are reminiscent of Lionel Richie (whether that's conscious or not), but it's the massive hook that sets this apart. 10/10

10. Synthesizer - An odd, slow-burning r&b track. The title's better than the actual song, to be honest. The chorus is pleasant, but too sleepy. 6/10

11. Delta 1406 - This keeps sounding like it's going to explode into some massive electro number, but it remains a disappointing, murky dirge of a song. It's the most experimental by far, but the experiment results in something more akin to mood music than an actual song. 4/10

12. Falling - Another ballad to close off the album, though it morphs into a midtempo electro stomp halfway through. The vocals are nice (especially the background), but it's not particularly memorable. 6/10

Album Grade: 6.8/10

(Delete a bunch of filler tracks and add You Don't Have To Leave and Evil Woman from his previous recordings and you've got a great EP)



Anonymous Kathy said...

The background vocals in Deja Vu are actually Boyz II Men! =)

I don't know if I would've picked Please Don't Go as the first single though, I think people would go crazy over "Cheated" on the radio.

Anyway, check out my review, it's short and sweet but any of your readers can win a copy of the record plus a poster!

2:56 PM  

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