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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ali Love - Doing The Dirty

"There's nothing that you can do"

Ali Love, who I adored a couple years ago when his work was criminally unreleased, has reinvented himself as Prince. The new album (his first to be officially released) is complete italo-disco, sleaze-funk circa 1985. When it works, it's a breath of fresh air. It works about half of the time, I'd say. Doing The Dirty is every bit as fun as the title would suggest (though the "dirty" in question is more PG than expected). Of all the tracks on the album, it's this that reminds me the most of a long lost Prince b-side. From the disinterested female vocals singing the hook to the squiggly, seesaw synth, everything's simple and potent enough to stick. It's all about groove with this style of music, and this is my favorite groove on the album. Odd that this wasn't selected as a single straightaway. It's certainly catchy enough.

Ali Love - Doing The Dirty by alienhits

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