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Friday, September 03, 2010

Chromeo - When The Night Falls (ft. Solange)

"There's something about you girl, and it's rather strange"

On the whole, Chromeo's new album hasn't hit me as instantly as their last one. It's a more muddled affair, with its fair share of filler surrounding a group of very strong tracks. The two singles are amongst these standouts (particularly the awesome Don't Turn The Lights On), but I also found myself drawn to this 80's-tastic track featuring Beyonce's little sister (though she doesn't really do all that much). But her vocals give the song a different texture... a classic Prince-like r&b sound that melds perfectly with the Chromeo aesthetic. The hook is one of the stronger on the album, and the song features the kind of funky guitar solo these guys are known for. I haven't quite made my mind up about the album as a whole, but this is definitely going in my collection.

Chromeo - When The Night Falls (ft. Solange) by alienhits

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't think you should be posting a low-fi/distorted rip of this... it's clearly being ripped from a stream and is not a good representation of the final product. Alot of love went into this so please do the right thing and at least hold off until the real thang comes out on Sept 14th...


10:08 PM  
Anonymous gmisk said...

Chromeo are class live....night by night is much better than this...

1:06 PM  
Blogger Cook In / Dine Out said...

This is a fun song. It sounds like something from the '80s, but I can't name a specific song that it apes. It's nice to hear Solange too.

5:09 AM  
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