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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dyno - Back

"I close my eyes and let myself go"

I haven't written about Dyno in some time here on alienhits, and it's a shame because they are one of the absolute best new bands of the year. Of the 17 tracks I've heard, they've yet to have a single misstep. They're that rare band where you know you're going to get a little pop epic every single time they release a song. Back is one of their newer songs, and yet another example of their hyper-catchy, lush synth sound. It begins a little tentative before launching into a propulsive, fist-in-the-air chorus. The guys have an EP coming out soon, followed by (hopefully) an album. I can't help but think that these guys are not getting the support, both online and in traditional press, that they deserve. They are seriously more amazing than 99% of music out there right now, and exactly the type of sound this blog was created to highlight. And on another note, isn't that photo (above) stunning? Would make a great album or EP cover. Just sayin'

Back by dynodynodyno

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Anonymous alex said...

JESSSSS! *dances*

4:50 AM  
Anonymous gmisk said...

Pretty amazing as usual

6:23 AM  

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