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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ola - Riot

"It's time to get to work"

This is Swedish popstar Ola's version of American urban dance music, synthesized and tweaked so much that the vocals sound more like a robot than a person at times. This is usually a bad thing, but it's not a part of Ola's repertoire, which makes it interesting. In fact, his new album seems like one big experiment in different popular pop styles, trying to find something that sticks. This isn't necessarily a complaint, though I'll always be a fan of his old Bassflow sound. And while this song is derivative in so many ways, Ola's voice (even warped and computerized) remains an absolute treat. There's a definite formula to this, but it's a formula because it works. Don't think too much, just enjoy it.

Ola - Riot by alienhits

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