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Monday, September 27, 2010

Robert Svensson - Runaway

Tonight we run out on the streets of this town"

I've been aware of Swedish pop singer Robert Svensson for awhile now, but I've been waiting for him to release the song that fulfilled what I saw as a huge amount of potential. Runaway may be that song. At the very least, it's a step in the right direction. I haven't heard a rock song like this from Sweden for awhile. It's that kind of hyper-anthemic piano rock that bands like the Ark, Moneybrother and Laakso have mastered. I'm talking about chugging guitar, grandiose chords... the whole works. It's got more of an indie mindset than any of those bands, but that doesn't make either the production or melody any less rousing. It's the perfect sound for what I imagine to be those long Swedish winters, and a great taster to what Svensson's upcoming work (hopefully) will sound like. The song's available as a free download on his facebook, so make sure you go and get it before it's gone!

Robert Svensson - Runaway by alienhits

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