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Monday, October 25, 2010

Joe McElderry - Until The Stars Run Out

"I am good at falling in love, not so good at falling out"

Poor Joe McElderry. I could be wrong, but I'm not seeing great things for him in the coming weeks as his album is released. The single, despite being one of the best debuts by an X-Factor winner thanks to Norwegian band Donkeyboy, has been less than successful and the amount of buzz over the album isn't nearly as high as it should be. It's a shame because, other than a few tracks (the godawful Uncle Kracker cover, for one) it's a nice piece of highly processed, melodic pop. And there are a few absolute gems. Until The Stars Run Out is one of the most interesting dance tracks he's recorded. It samples George Michael's Faith in a very creative way. It's strung throughout the song in small pieces--unrecognizable to a point where you might not notice it if you didn't know it was there. To be honest, the melody didn't hit me on the first listen, but I've grown to love this song (and a couple of others on the album). He's really got a great voice for this kind of stuff. Nothing's as good as the b-side that I posted last week, though. Album review to come!

Joe McElderry - Until The Stars Run Out by alienhits

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Blogger Damian said...

Oh I didn't know the album is already out, this track is wonderful. Strings!!! Strings in dance-music, can there be something better? Difficult to speak about commercial potential but this album seems to be very welcome in my player :)

10:13 PM  

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