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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mcfly & Taio Cruz - Shine A Light

"She left me with a broken heart"

I have been obsessed with this track for weeks now. There have been a few UK pop groups this past decade that could've been terrible but ended up defining the era. I've always considered Mcfly to be the male example of this (Girls Aloud being the female). It's amazing that they're still producing singles of this quality so far into their career. Mcfly tracks have a history of debuting high on the charts and plummeting a week later, which hints at the limitations of their loyal fanbase. This song, a duet with the ever-reliable Taio Cruz, has the potential to cross over if given the chance. It's easily their best single in years and a real standout of the 2010 pop sound. The Taio/Mcfly partnership was not what anyone would have expected, and could have been horrible, but it works wonders. There's just enough of each artist's sound smashed into this song to create an insanely catchy, anthemic pop/rock hybrid. I'm officially excited for the album now.

Mcfly & Taio Cruz - Shine A Light by alienhits

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

it's grown on me - wasn't an instant winner, but is a solid favourite now. Really excited about their album...

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Shaun said...

Being a member of their Super City website (which gave you Above The Noise November 1) I can say that if you like this song, or Party Girl, you are going to love the new album

9:31 PM  

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