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Saturday, October 02, 2010

X-Factor 2010 - If I Were Picking The Top 12

So I am dangerously obsessed with this year's X-Factor. What a strong, strong group of contestants. For anyone who's watching, here are my favorites--most favorite at number one for each category.


1. Nicolo
2. Matt
3. Aiden/Tom


1. Cher
2. Ghamu
3. Katie/Keri


1. One Direction
2. Husstle
4. F.Y.D.

Over 28's:

1. Storm
2. Mary
3. Does it matter??



Blogger Myfizzypop said...

i am loving this blog post :) You have condensed what i am just about to type up and ramble on about for 4 pages (front and back) into a concise overview. Absolutely agree with the boys. The overs - I laughed. Yes Mary. I would probably put Justin through for a bit of entertainment. Girls - so so hard to choose. I like Katie. I like Cher. I like Gamu and I love Rachel. Any 3 of those 4. Groups. Surprisingly better. i would want to put through one girl, one boy and one duo/mixed so I'm going with Diva Fever (i need the fun factor no matter how good/bad), Bel Ami (their Faith was lovely) and FYD - i love Prince & Rogues but that audition was not good and I sort of vaguely know one of FYD. we shall see....

12:06 AM  
Blogger Ryan Talbot May said...

I love X-Factor. I became obsessed last year and love Joe McElderry (and I kind of enjoy his cover of Donkeyboy's Ambitions). I also love Diana Vickers but there are only a few that made it into the top 12 that I'm really CRAZY about. Perhaps once the live shows start and you really see what they've got I'll appreciate more of them.

2:31 AM  

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