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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Chemical Romance - Bulletproof Heart

"Gravity don't mean too much for me"

Regardless of what I think about their music, I'll always have a little connection with My Chemical Romance. Back when I had black hair, I was constantly mistaken for Gerard Way. In fact, when I was living in England (during the Black Parade era), I was even asked for an autograph in the bathroom of a mall (awkward...). I was a huge fan of the Black Parade album and thought it represented a promising shift in sound for the band. That shift has continued a little bit on the new record but, at least on first listen, I'm nowhere near as impressed with the results. I'm not against shouting and screaming in music, but without a memorable melody it's just that: shouting and screaming. My opinion could change the longer I sit with the music, but there were a handful of tracks that hit me on first listen. Bulletproof Heart is the first album track after the single and got me excited to hear what was coming next. It's got the melodic, bombastic sound of their last album with a great hook and a wicked, punchy guitar riff. I wish it was a better representation of the album as a whole, because a dozen tracks of this quality and I'd be over the moon. I guess I just like it when Gerard sings.

My Chemical Romance - Bulletproof Heart by alienhits

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