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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pop Blitz 11/23/10

Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand (ft. Akon) C'mon, there's gotta be more interesting stuff in his vault than this. Take Akon out of this song and you'd have something much stronger. As it stands, this just sounds like anyone could sing it. I expect more from Michael. B-

JLS - Love You More
The singles from their first album weren't half bad, but the offerings from the second one have been (so far) pretty awful. This veers into boring Boyz II Men territory. I'm sure it's intentional, but I am not a fan. C-

September - Resuscitate Me
While nowhere near as strong as her very best singles, this is a welcome return for September. I'm actually liking this more and more each time I hear it. A-

Rihanna - What's My Name
A lazy song from a lazy album. It's pleasant enough, but a popstar of Rihanna's stature should aim higher than "pleasant." That being said, it's not something I would automatically turn off if it came on the radio. B

Olly Murs - Thinking Of Me
Now this I would turn off. Or maybe I would keep it on just to make fun of it. The lyrics are dire, the melody is plodding and I'm afraid this could be the last single he's allowed to release. But it does get bonus points for being very easy to mock. D+

Jesse McCartney - Shake
Jesse McCartney is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. There's just enough kitsch in his music to make it enjoyable. I really shouldn't like this stupid song, but as usual with him, I do. B+

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
Kudos to her for pulling a Bad Romance and throwing it all out there. This is far more interesting than I would have expected from her. I feel like it's got a pretty short shelf life, but for now it's kind of awesome. A-

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Anonymous Pranav said...

I agree..."Hold my hand" should have been pure Michael all the way. Akon adds nothing vocally. He never has. I agree that the song sounds nothing like a Michael Jackson track. The real gem on the new album is not actually a new song but a released 6 years ago called "(I like) the way you love me". It's being re-released on "Michael". Now THAT is a classic Michael Jackson ballad.

8:22 AM  

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