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Friday, November 19, 2010

September - Mikrofonkåt

"Från slussen hornstull zinkensdamm Vietnam"

Swedish dance-popper September has two new singles out. One is the launch single from her new album (Love CPR), Resuscitate Me, and the other is a cover of Petter's Mikrofonkåt. They're both great (as September singles tend to be), though right now I'd give the slight edge to the Swedish track. While the string-assisted grandeur of Resuscitate Me deserves attention, Mikrofonkåt is just a little punchier and more unexpected. I'm psyched for the new album, though. September albums are always a treat. She's one of the few artists that makes this type of dance-pop as epic and creative as it should be -- kind of like the Swedish Kylie Minogue. It's bound to do very well in Sweden (Mikrofonkåt went straight to number one on itunes), but the bigger question is what will the new music do in the UK. She was able to score a big hit a couple years ago with her best song, Cry For You. Will she be able to repeat that success?

September - Mikrofonkåt by alienhits

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