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Friday, November 12, 2010

Short Stack - Heartbreak Made Me A Killer

"Never was a fun boy"

Yes!! I have been waiting quite impatiently for this album for the past month or so and it's finally been released (and doesn't disappoint). Short Stack have transformed themselves from bratty emo threesome to something far more interesting. Their three singles already released from this album have been uniformly fantastic (and bound to feature on my top singles of the year list). They've got a sleazy disco-rock-punk hybrid going on that reminds me a little of Billy Idol's 80's music. While frontman Shaun Diviney may not always be the strongest of singers, he's got an undeniable charisma in his vocals that make these songs irresistible. Heartbreak Made Me A Killer is definitely a standout. The hook is Queen does disco, while the rest of the song alternates between spoken bits and a soaring melodic refrain. It's all very silly but ridiculously fun. And this is only one standout from an album full of them.

Short Stack - Heartbreak Made Me A Killer by alienhits

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