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Monday, November 01, 2010

The Wanted - Weakness

"I know what she's doing to me"

With boyband One Direction likely to make the X-Factor UK final this year (and rightfully so -- they may not be the best "singers," but they're certainly the most likely to succeed post show), and the Wanted riding high on the charts with Take That's big comeback waiting in the wings, it seems like the boyband has returned as a pop music staple. Normally this would not make me all that happy. There's just something inherently cheesy and manipulatory about these types of groups. This new breed isn't much different, but there's a slight change in aesthetic and sound that promises the potential of some interesting pop music. The Wanted's debut single was an excellent slice of string-laden 2010 radio pop. And while the follow-up was more in line with treacly boyband ballads of the past, the album as a whole is really quite good. The use of guitars on most of the tracks was a brilliant move. It's an unusually consistent listen. Take Weakness, a late album track that's unlikely to be a single but packs the punch of one. I picked this song to highlight because it reminds me very much of some of my favorite Swedish popstars (Sebastian Karlsson & Whyte Seeds in particular).

The Wanted - Weakness by alienhits

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