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Friday, December 24, 2010

Top 20 Albums of 2010: 10-9

10. Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

After a disappointing comeback in 2008, Minogue returned to what she does best: pure, unadulterated dance pop. Even with a few clunkers, the success of this album is that it sounds like an album. The songs fit together as one body of work. Thank producer Stuart Price for that, who has no less that three albums in my countdown this year. Kylie hasn’t felt this alive or relevant for years now. Who else, at this stage in their career, is capable of making an album this good? It’s a pretty big achievement.


9. Hurts - Happiness

One of my most conflicted inclusions on this countdown. Last year, if I were to have strung all of Daggers’ demo recordings into one album, the band would have easily had the album of 2009. Of course, Daggers are no more and in their place are Hurts. And while this is a solid release, it’s obviously not my album of the year. It’s a case of knowing that they can do better. I mean, I’ve heard it myself. That being said, judged by any other standard this is easily one of the year’s highlights. Theo’s moody vocals are intact and they even threw a couple of the (lesser) Daggers songs onto the album for good measure. I am eagerly waiting to see what evolves from them next.


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