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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Father McKenzie - Slow Motion

"My heart is here on the dancefloor"

Father McKenzie, a half-Swedish, half-Finnish band competing to represent Finland in Eurovision '11 (I wonder how the Swede half feels?), made it one step closer last weekend with their track Good Enough. As far as piano-driven pop/rock goes, it's pretty darn good. I hope to see them continue to do well. On their website, they offer a trio of demos for free download. Two are pretty standard, downtempo songs, but I found this one pretty interesting. It has a bit of a rough sound (needs a little more oomph, which will probably come when it's polished up), but I like that it shows their more uptempo side. The lead singer is also a keyboardist, which shows in this track. There's a simple melody at play, much like those of the band who's song doubtlessly inspired their name (and if you don't know what Father McKenzie refers to, you should). I see a lot of potential here!

Father McKenzie - Slow Motion by alienhits

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