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Monday, January 31, 2011

Lisa Miskovsky - Got A Friend

"Play with fire, but you're so cold"

Lisa Miskovsky has been around the Swedish music scene for awhile now. She started out as a mostly folksy, acoustic--almost country--artist but has experimented with a more subtle electronic pop sound as she's released more material. This is no dancefloor stormer, but it's definitely glossier than her first recordings. There's a nice collision of sounds here, an augmented version of her acoustic guitar pop. Plus, it's catchy as hell. The chorus has a big, anthemic sound to it--perfect for the radio. And Miskovsky's vocals, as usual, are as smooth and pleasant as ever. I've always thought that she would be an excellent addition to Sweden's Melodifestivalen. The contest seems to favor this style (ie: a more interesting version of last year's winner). Then Miskovsky's transformation would be complete.

Lisa Miskovsky - Got A Friend by alienhits

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Blogger Unknown said...

Yeah! The Swedish snowboarder is back :) She has changed her style a bit from the Jill Johnson-ishh "Driving your Car" days, through the Fleetwood Mac era and now nicely a little more electronic starting with 'Changes'.

I was just looking at her material over the weekend wondering when more stuff is coming--her, Marit Bergman, Maia Hirasawa and especially Marie Serneholt have all tailed off and need new releases :)

One more note: I actually liked a good bit of winner Anna Bergendahl's debut (not the Melodifestivalen tune much but 'Rolling Dice' and 'My Love' were throwback gems and two of my 2010 favs).

7:46 PM  

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