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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Patrick Wolf - The City

"Won't let the city destroy our love"

Man, I am loving this new Patrick Wolf single. I've been a little frustrated with him of late. I was very underwhelmed by his last album, but then there was that track Hard Times (also one of the singles) which was, quite frankly, stunning and deserved much more credit than it received. A few years earlier, I was a big fan of his "commercial" album The Magic Position, so I guess his music is just a real mixed bag with me. This, though, is such a promising, Summery pop track. He's got such an incredible gift--both vocally and as a songwriter. And when he focuses that energy into a straightforward, commercial (I hate that word, but can't think of anything more appropriate) melody, he creates a classic. The brilliance is that he still manages to retain his quirkiness even as the hooks aim for radio. I hope the rest of the album is similar to this, because I am addicted!

Patrick Wolf The City by howmanyofyouarebroke?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick Wolf. His first album was underwhelming. His second really impressed me. Third was fantastic in an overtly commercial way (not a bad thing). Fourth was like a rebellion against his success and it was far too weird for me. Then he released 'Time of your Life' and it was amazing. Then I heard this and I'm sure this album is going to be the best PW album yet. I have a feeling it'll be commercially friendly while still remaining quirky, different and exciting.

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