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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Foster The People - Helena Beat

"I tie my hands up to the chair"

Foster the People have seemed to be branded with the “what MGMT would sound like if they didn’t go all experimental with their second album” slogan by the indie world. When I heard that, I was instantly intrigued. I loved MGMT’s debut album, hated their follow-up. And from the tracks released so far on their EP, Foster the People could end up releasing an album that’s better than either. They are decidedly indie, but with a far poppier side than most of their peers. The songs are heavy on electronic elements, but that never ever comes before an excellent melody. Pumped Up Kicks may end up being the breakout single you hear playing in all the “cool“ stores (it’s so catchy that it borders on novelty), but I prefer the other tracks on the EP. Helena Beat, especially, has one hell of a chorus. It mixes elements of electro, glam and straight up, sunny pop to create something irresistible. Along with Penguin Prison--who these guys remind me of--this is the indie band to watch in 2011.

Foster The People - Helena Beat by alienhits

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