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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Heat Four - Live Blog

Here we go! My most anticipated Heat of the year, and it's starting in just 30 seconds :)

EDIT: This "Chicago" opening is very strange. Who comes up with this stuff? (I think Marie just wanted an excuse to sing)

EDIT: Can I just add that last year's hosts were much more entertaining?

EDIT: Dang, looks like the Ark won't be opening the show. I still hope they get to perform two songs.

1. MELODY CLUB: Yes!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT TO THE FINAL. Great song, great performance, great staging. I am nervous for them in this strong heat.

2. JULIA: Those background pillar things were kind of cool, especially when they melded into one and gave birth to background singers (!). The song itself is, unfortunately, quite boring. Not bad, but it screams last place. And she's got zero charisma.

3. LASSE: Here's one of those acts that I'm worried about, especially given their good reception in the arena (and their song, which is actually alright). But please, Sweden, we've already got the Playtones in the final. Come to think of it, can't we just replace the Playtones with these guys?

4. LINDA P: Wow, this does sound like Hollow! If any ballad has a chance this year, it's this one, but I can't help but be a little underwhelmed. It seems like there was something missing... but I'm not sure what it was. Lots of arm motions/waving, though. That's for sure!

5. ANDERS: I am gonna LOVE the studio version of this, but his vocals did not work at all in this setting. Plus the whole thing was unintentionally campy. The song itself, though, is excellent. Performance... less so.

6. LINDA B: It's hard to see this not going through in some capacity. It's ridiculously catchy schlager in a year without much competition in that genre. And I like it very much. So far, it's Melody Club and Linda B in the final for me. Weird staging, though.

7. NICKE: The other possible spoiler that I'm worried about. I just don't see how something like this isn't going to the final. It's a good song, too. Aaargh... I'm worried. Oh god, and he's got those crowd lights that Anna had last year! This is definitely a contender :(

8. LOVE GENERATION: I still don't think the public is going to warm to this the way everyone thinks. But I think it's andra chansen at the very least... just not the 100% winner that people were predicting. And I'm not sure the stage show transferred to video as they wanted, but I could be wrong.

OK, my (probably wrong) predictions:
Straight through: Linda B., Nicke (though I hope he and Melody Club switch spots)
Andra Chansen: Melody Club, Love Generation and maybe Lasse

But I've gotta say, this is by far the hardest heat to predict, and I could be pleasantly surprised.

EDIT: Vote Melody Club and Linda B!!

EDIT: MELODY CLUB IS TRENDING ON TWITTER WORLDWIDE! Probably the only time I'll ever see that in my life! haha

EDIT: The Ark!!

EDIT: YES YES YES I love the Ark :) And I love this performance! Can they just win MF all over again? They just showed everyone how it's done!

EDIT: Top 5 - Love Generation, Lasse, Nicke, Linda P and Linda B. AND MELODY CLUB DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE TOP 5! In fact, they got 7th!! I knew I was worried for a reason >:(

EDIT: Direct to the final with the most votes - Linda B. I am still in shock over Melody Club.

EDIT: Easily the worst results of the whole year. I don't know what happened. Even Julia got more votes? REALLY?? Happy for Linda, but I feel so bad for the guys!

EDIT: So the next spot in the final is going to Nicke, right? I don't see any other options, except maybe Love Generation if they sneak in.

EDIT: Final results - To final: Nicke To andra chansen: Linda P, Love Generation Out: Lasse

EDIT: Hmmm... for the first time in several years, I don't see a clear winner in our final so far. I'm really not sure who Sweden will send this year! (but I'm pissed it's not Melody Club!)

EDIT: And why didn't they have the Ark do a cover song like all of the other interval acts?

EDIT: Ugh. I guess I'll just wait for that new Melody Club album and forget that they ever competed in MF :) They're still a trending topic on Twitter, at least!



Anonymous Natasza said...

Shame Melody Club were so stiff during the presentation, but the song is awesome! :)

11:20 AM  
Blogger Myfizzypop said...

was genuinely quite surprised that melody club didn't make it through... the next two weeks of competition (i'm away for both of them. Darn!) will be quite interesting now though.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous gmisk said...

The live vocals on the melody club song were awful! The song is excellent though pity

3:33 AM  
Blogger alesta said...

The Ark really showed Melody Club how it's done! Unfortunately MC's performance was not very convincing.

What lacked in Linda P's song was soul in her voice.

I liked Love Generation's song a lot more when performed. They were suprisingly good live.

1:40 PM  
Blogger alesta said...

And on the winner thing: My bet is on little Mr. Saade this year.

Of course The Ark wanted to show off their latest single. As did Lena, actually. The Ark was introduced as "their last ever grand TV performance" :(

1:43 PM  

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