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Friday, February 25, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Heat Four - Preliminary Judging

Aargh! It's the last round of original songs tomorrow for Melodifestivalen. In anticipation, here are my quick reviews based only on the short clips svt has provided. As always, they're likely to change when I hear the songs in full.

(Listen to clips here)

Melody Club - The Hunter
Easily my most anticipated entry of the contest from one of my favorite bands. I am loving the sound of this (and why wouldn't I? It's pure Melody Club). It sounds a bit further on the schlager scale than I thought it would (a good thing), and has a great hook. These guys have had quite a story in their build-up to MF. First they lose a drummer to a lawsuit, then they nearly lost their guitarist when he badly injured his foot this week. After all of this, It'll be a small victory just to get on stage! All you Swedish readers, please call tomorrow and throw in a vote for me! They need to make the final! 5/5

Julia Alvgard - Better Or Worse
This sounds leaps and bounds better than the other wildcard entry this year, but in this strong heat, it's still one of the least memorable tracks. It just doesn't make much of an impression. 2.5/5

Lasse Stefanz - En blick och nånting händer
Well, it's obviously old fashioned. That being said, I already like it better than last week's dreaded Playtones entry. I will be very angry, though, if this steals a spot from someone more deserving. 3.5/5

Linda Pritchard - Alive
We haven't had many big ballads this year (and the ones we've had have done quite poorly). This sounds like it has more potential to move on, but it's no Empty Room. I'm not sure it's even another Hollow, despite sounding similar. 3.5/5

Anders Fernette - Run
His vocals sound awful in the rehearsal video, but I really like the sound of the song. It doesn't have much of a chance in the context of the contest, but I'm enjoying this. 4/5

Linda Bengtzing - E de fel på mig
The verses to this sound so similar to Nanne's entry from a few years back (which I loved). It's pure bubblegum schlager, which should sound spectacular on the stage tomorrow. My second favorite, based on the clips. 4.5/5

Nicke Borg - Leaving Home
Very worried about this, as I have a horrible feeling that it could sneak in and steal a spot to Globen. It's not that I dislike it (I have a feeling I'll enjoy the full version even more), but there are at least four songs that I think I like better. 3.5/5

Love Generation - Dance Alone
I'm failing to see what all the excitement is about here. It just sounds like a hundred other things you'd hear on the radio, with a so-so melody and hook. I still think they'll benefit from an elaborate stage show and the pimp spot in the competition, but this is more than a little underwhelming for me. 3.5/5

I'm not sure that I can even predict this one! I'm thinking the top four will be Love Generation, Melody Club, Linda B and Nicke Borg, with Linda P taking the fifth spot, but I have no idea in which order those names will fall. Though Lasse could do well, too. It will be a nail-biter for me. But I urge all alienhits readers to watch tomorrow because not only do we have Melody Club, but the Ark will be performing, too!

*I'll be blogging tomorrow throughout the show, so be sure to check back for my thoughts (and to see if my predictions come true!)

*Also, for all you movie-buffs, I'll have my thoughts on the Oscars up sometime tomorrow!



Blogger Myfizzypop said...

i'm hoping melody club get through but i really want the anders song and love gen song to sparkle tonight... fingers crossed!

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