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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Same Difference - The Rest Is History

"There will be a moment in your life"

I'm a little surprised to be posting this song today. In the context of X-Factor several years ago, Same Difference were a fun brother/sister duo to watch--always happy, upbeat and cheesy. I never thought that their music after the show would be worth listening to. And, other than a few tracks, the debut album didn't grab me. But this second one? What an amazing pop album! It's mega cheesy, of course (what else would you expect?) and this song has definite eye-rolling lyrics, but you can't deny that this is excellent pop music with a capital "P." Free from restraints of a misunderstanding record label, the duo has connected with some of the best pop producers and writers out there, including the man behind this song, Swedish talent Tony Nilsson. Nilsson is my favorite songwriter in pop right now (yes, better than Max Martin) and this track continues his winning streak. Amazing, bombastic melody. I really wanted to find a complete list of Nilsson-written or co-written tracks, but wasn't able to, so I'm going to start one in the comments of this post. Please feel free to add songs that I'm missing, as it's my goal to hear them all!

Same Difference - The Rest Is History by alienhits

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Blogger Nick said...

Tony Nilsson Discography:

Darin - You're Out Of My Life
Darin - Microphone
Darin - Lovekiller
Darin - Drowning
Darin - OK (Dangerous Game)
Darin - Can't Stop Love
Ola - SOS
Ola - Natalie
Ola - Love In Stereo
Ola - Can't Get Enough (?)
Ola - All Over The World
Ola - Riot
Johan Krafman - Disarmed
Johan Krafman - Chain Reaction
Joe McElderry - If You Love Me
Same Difference - The Rest Is History
Same Difference - Emotion
Marie Serneholt - Disconnect Me
Velvet - The Queen
Velvet - Radio Star
Alcazar - Headlines
Elin Lanto - Doctor Doctor
Elin Lanto - Discoteque
Elin Lanto - Hater
Elin Lanto - Funeral
Elin Lanto - Alien
Elin Lanto - Love Made Me Stupid
Elin Lanto - Toy Boy
Elin Lanto - Give It All Up
Elin Lanto - My Favorite Pair Of Jeans
Elin Lanto - Singing Goodbye
Anders Ekborg - The Saviour

5:11 PM  
Blogger Poster Girl said...

This post is doubly awesome--for this song and for love for Tony Nilsson songwriting. A list is definitely needed!

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but off the top of my head he also did:

Full Range Project - Electric Boogie Nightz (I think this group--which he was part of--released a second song, too, but I can't remember it)
ToNi - Natalie (not sure if it needs a listing since it's an earlier version of Ola's song)
Ola - Who I Am
Ola - Feelgood
Ola - Can't Get Enough (confirmed)
Alexander Schöld - Jag hatar dig
Linda Bengtzing & Brolle - Varför gör du som du gör?
Sheelah - Psycho

There's another Tony Nilsson who did some work abroad earlier in the '00s, but I've never been sure if that's him. I know he's done work for acts elsewhere--Japan, etc.--so there's definitely more.

4:14 AM  
Blogger Poster Girl said...

One more addition:

Sheelah - The Last Time

6:32 AM  

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