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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Erik Hassle - Sometimes When It Rains

"I can hear your heartbeat for miles"

Okay, confession. I haven't actually listened to the EP that this is taken from yet, but I'm very eager to. Erik Hassle hasn't ever released anything subpar, and his most recent single Are You Leaving is one of his best. The clips of the EP (particularly Stay Away) sound great and this track, while less instantly poppy, is a nice example of the more electronic sound he's been exploring with members of legendary Swedish band Kent. Hassle's vocals and songwriting skill are among the best out there at the moment and, although it's now become a cliché to say so, he should be much bigger worldwide than he is. Luckily, his native Sweden seems to finally be embracing him. His album was everywhere last Spring when I was in Stockholm, and the new single's getting heavy rotation on the radio. Like fellow Swede Robyn, Hassle's got the magic touch that takes pop music and gives it a mood. His songs are anything but generic.

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Anonymous gmisk said...

Love this....he has some great songs...not sure why he isnt huge

2:02 AM  

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