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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Andra Chansen - Live Blog

In anticipation of the final next weekend, today we see who gets to take those last two covered places to compete for Eurovision. I can't say I've been able to summon all that much interest in this second chance round this year, but my predictions is that Sara Varga and Linda Pritchard will come out of this today very happy. We'll see.

EDIT: Literally, the four best songs today are all in the first half. Whoever programmed this did a horrible job.

EDIT: Those "duel" skits were hilariously awkward. But Loreen looks like some weird anime character. I love how Loreen/Sara got the biggest applause. Weird that they're facing each other, when they're probably the public's two favorite acts this week.

EDIT: Who knew Jenny Silver played guitar?

DUEL ONE - Jenny vs. Love Generation: My vote easily goes to Jenny, but I have a feeling Love Generation will pull this out.

RESULT: It's Love Generation through, as expected.

DUEL TWO - Loreen vs Sara: This is the big one, and the hardest to predict. I'd give the slight edge to Sara, though I think I prefer Loreen just a bit more. She certainly has the more interesting stage show, though Sara did much better this time than she did in the qualifiers. I like both songs, though.

RESULT: I was right again, and Sara is through. Poor Loreen looked devastated!

DUEL THREE - The Moniker vs. Linda: I think this is Linda's to lose, though I prefer the Moniker (who, oddly enough, is the only guy in this week's contest!).

EDIT: Anybody else's video feed totally screwing up all of a sudden?

EDIT: I get the feeling that, if the Moniker gets cut, he'll shrug and go "whatever." Whereas, if Linda gets cut, she'll take it as the single greatest disappointment of her life.

RESULT: Wow, the Moniker through. Now that is a genuine shock.

DUEL FOUR - Shirley's Angels vs. Pernilla: This seems like a done deal for Shirley's Angels, though I'm not that excited about either songs so I really don't care who goes through. Pernilla could easily get the same types of votes that came for Sara, though.

RESULT: Hmmm... well, I'm seeing how this is going to go now. Pernilla is through, which means I bet it will be her and Sara in the final. Sweden loves these anti-MF MF acts, for some reason.

EDIT: For the record, out of the ones we've got left (which aren't necessarily the right choices), I'd want Sara and the Moniker through.

EDIT: WTF is this toilet paper roll thing happening now?

EDIT: Oh, jeez... I forgot we now have to see all of these performances AGAIN. Seriously, guys. We know which ones we want to vote for by now. They should just do a five minute medley of all four contenders and be done with it.

No guts, no glory PREDICTION: Sara's song will not only go to the final, but it will become the Snalla, Snalla of this year, easily landing in the top 5.

EDIT: I'd vote for the Moniker, if only for the crazy pair of dancing girls. They make me laugh.

FINAL RESULTS: Sara and the Moniker through. Well, I got one right!



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