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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Final - Live Blog

It's all built up to this, folks. Though I could venture a guess (and I did, yesterday), the truth is I've got no idea how this is going to go down. And since I'm not overly obsessed with any of the songs this year, that at least will make this an interesting final.

EDIT: Geez, this stream is really crappy today.

EDIT: And by "really crappy," I mean "unwatchable" thus far. Come on, svt, get this fixed!

EDIT: For those having the same trouble as me, setting the quality to "low" seems to help a little. It's still jerky beyond belief, though.

DANNY: Barely saw this because of the crappy stream, but the energy level seemed to be higher than it was in Heat One. I still think this is a strong contender to win, though it's very, very far from my favorite (even though I like his past material)

SARA: I've grown to love this song. Unfortunately, the video stream was even worse than in Danny's. I have a feeling this live blog is going to be a lot of me complaining about the video!


Looks like I won't be able to do this today. The stream's too bad. It's like watching a succession of pictures. I'm not sure what happened with svt, but it's pretty disappointing. I'll have to watch the final later when it's not "live" and give my thoughts after. Sorry, guys, but it's pointless to try to offer thoughts when I can barely see/hear what's going on. I'll try to watch it again when the voting starts.

EDIT: OK, I'm back for the voting/results. I had the show on this entire time but sort of came in and out. The streaming hasn't gotten much better, but I know if I don't watch this live the internet will spoil the winner for me! (Also, I'm changing my vote to Swingfly. I think it would work best in Eurovision and I really like the song.)

EDIT: Well, that Rock You Like A Hurricane sounded awesome, but I could barely see it :(

EDIT: International juries go for Eric, barely (by two points). Danny and Sanna (!) are close behind. If it ends up between Eric and Danny, which it likely will, I hope it's Eric. Surprised at how well the Moniker did and how poorly Swingfly, Sara and Nicke did.

EDIT: That heavy metal cover of Anna's (crappy) winning song from last year wasn't as good as I hoped.

EDIT: WOW, that was even more of a nail-biter than I expected!! I won't spoil who won for those who don't want to know, but that's gotta be the closest vote in years!



Blogger Poster Girl said...

It's too bad you had such trouble with the stream this time! Weirdly, it was nearly perfect for me this time. It's tough to understand how that could end up happening but, most of all, it must have been frustrating. It really takes so much away from the experience.

9:12 AM  

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