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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mother Mother - The Stand

"I can hardly stand the sight of it all"

I love quirky. Usually in small doses, but I love it all the same. And this song by Canadian band Mother Mother is nothing if not quirky. It's an odd amalgam of pop, rock, synth, spoken word and even a little bit of country. My immediate thought upon hearing it was that this sounds like a band that would have been popular in the 90's. It's got that odd experimental feeling to it that bands like Chumbawumba and the Bloodhound Gang rode to fame just before the turn of the century. In a world of highly processed vocals and dance beats, it's actually quite refreshing (as is their video, which reminds me of the style of 80's movie Shock Treatment -- the follow up to Rocky Horror Picture Show). This is taken from the group's third album, which is out in five days. And after a taster like this, I'm definitely curious to hear more.

The Stand by Mother Mother

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