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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pop Blitz 3/8/11 - Diva Edition

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
What an odd career path this girl's had. And who, honestly, thought she'd be around this long? This dials down the snottiness of Girlfriend and seems to be a natural transition. Catchy chorus, but the whole thing's definitely lightweight. B

Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
Her best single to date, by a mile. Though it remains to be seen whether or not this will get a big push in the US, it's a strong pop song with a great beat. Nicole should stick to this poppier sound. It suits her voice better than the slinky r&b they're trying to market her with. A

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock
Not bad. It's silly and a little stupid, but good fun at the same time. And that slow-burning hook really gets under your skin. B+

Britney Spears - 'Till The World Ends
It's not a good sign when the best part is the Britney-less chant that makes up the chorus. It reminds me of Deep Forest (anyone?). The rest is just not that good. The song could have been special with warmer, less synthetic vocals. C+

Rihanna - S&M
I used to like Rihanna, but this is just stupid. She should take cues from Janet's The Velvet Rope on how to tackle this subject in a more subtle, artistic way. The vocals grate and the lyrics are pretty cringe-worthy. C-

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor
I didn't expect to like this, but I see now why it's become the worldwide hit it is. She's cleverly mixed about every trend in dance/pop that she could find, and it actually works. There's something very European about the sound. A-

Ke$ha - Blow
I've made my distaste for Ke$ha known on this blog several times, but I'm always willing to give new singles a chance because I've been surprised before. This sounds like a worse version of the Britney song. I just can't wait until we don't have to hear this voice anymore. D

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Anonymous gmisk said...

The Nicole Scherzinger song is excellent...and she can definitely sing it live.
The avril lavigne song just sounds like a rehash of girlfriend to me

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Jes said...

Have you heard the demos of Don't Hold Your Breath? Keri Hilson's on one of them and they're pretty great, I like them even more than the Nicole single.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hmmm... didn't know there were demos floating around. I'll have to go listen to these!

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow this review is so lame. Ke$ha's and Brit's songs was the best on this list. Keri's is a huge lame flop, and Nicoles song sucks.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous gmisk said...

I think I have heard those they were on popjustice...there are also 2 different Nicole versions as well.
The Ke$ha song is catchy but its all getting a bit samey and robotic sounding

12:50 AM  

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