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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frankmusik - Do It In The AM (ft. Far East Movement)

"We only do it in the AM"

This is an odd pairing. I've always considered Frankmusik to be a "cool, indie" artist, while Far East Movement is definitely a "crappy, commercial" group. It all screams: "we want a hit so we're gonna tack an annoying bit of rap on top of this song." Surprisingly, it actually works (well, not the "hit" part... I doubt radio will embrace this). But the song itself is excellent. It's a little toned down for Frankmusik. His crazy kitchen sink production only rears its head in the final portion of the song, where everything's thrown into a blender and the song kind of explodes. Other than that, it's a simple pop/club track with excellent vocals and a very catchy, repetitive hook. I'm actually really excited for the album now, despite being slightly underwhelmed by his first. The artwork for the campaign so far has also been stunning.

Frankmusik ft. Far East Movement - Do It In The AM by putyourheadphonesup

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