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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hoosiers - Unlikely Hero (Futurmatic Fade Mix)

"My love's not an island, it's the tip of a volcano"

So, thanks to fab music blog This Must Be Pop, I discovered this article about the Hoosiers. I'm not going to go into it here except to say that it covers their breaking with their label and that it's a very interesting read. What it means for us fans, though, is that the band is now running things themselves. They've decided to re-release their excellent 2010 album with a new title and four bonus tracks. I'm psyched about this because (although not being a fan of their earlier work) I'm still obsessed with The Illusion Of Safety. After two singles --only one with any major label support-- they've just released the video for their third, which just happens to be the title of the re-release as well. Bumpy Ride is one of many amazing pop songs on the album. The four new tracks sound just as promising. In addition to all this, the band have released a new remix of stellar second single Unlikely Hero. I'm sad that the record label was willing to let them go so easily, but I hope that this means the band continues to evolve the sound they developed for the second album. 80's synth-pop really suits them.

Unlikely Hero (Futurmatic Fade Mix) by The Hoosiers

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

it's really intruiging what they've done and I hope they continue because the album is a corker. I'm sort of hoping The Feeling take note of this because i've got a horrible feeling that their album won't do as well as the label want it too :(

11:20 PM  

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