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Friday, April 01, 2011

Viktorious - Kill The Fun

"Sometimes the waiting gets me down"

You're probably all sick of me posting songs by Viktorious by now, but being that this is his last free song (until Summer, when this whole thing will apparently repeat!), and it's one of the best, I couldn't help but write about it. As you know by now, this Swedish electro-pop-rock artist has been releasing a free track every Friday on his website for the past month and a half. Killing The Fun is the latest, and my favorite since the first released track (the still-brilliant Instant Virtuality). While other songs have been moodier and a bit colder, this is full on propulsive pop. The verses are the standout here, all power chords and a stadium-ready melody. I really like the processing on the vocals, too. It's exactly the sound I hope he explores further. Everything comes together on this one. I could easily hear it on the radio.

Viktorious - Killing The Fun by alienhits

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