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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vincent - The Moment I Met You

"I'll follow you wherever you go"

I am in love with Vincent's new music. I liked his old stuff, too, but there's something really special about this album campaign so far. In a lot of ways, it's classic Swedish indie-pop -- a little bit of the Caesars here, a little Erik Hassle there. But most importantly, the melodies are incredibly tight. This track, his next single, has a mammoth chorus. It's one of those sing-it-to-the-rafters, Melodifestivalen/Eurovision hooks (though this is anything but glossy dance pop). It reminds me of what I'd imagine a band like the Whyte Seeds producing if they were still making music. I love Sweden, not only for its always excellent dance pop, but for this! This simply wouldn't exist anywhere else.

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